Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Last Service Learning

I believe, the service learning experience was great. I had a fun time working with people. Next year service learning should be better because, there will be more people involved. Service Learning has taught me how to kind of work with people. Because, sometimes I don't like to work with people.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Service Learning May 19-23

This weeks meeting was kind of difficult. Because, people had different ideas about the garden. Then you have to deal with peoples attitudes. Some people just don't care about their work. But we just have to get through that and get our work done. Threw Service Learning I have a new prospective of working with people. Threw Service Learning I have learned I can work with anyone.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 1 Service Learning meeting

Last Friday, we went to the constitution center. There we look for ideas for the garden. I came up with the idea of a circle garden. I thought you could put some bright flowers in the garden (no homo). This would draw attention, to the constitution center. I enjoyed going to the constitution center. It seems we work better when were out and moving around. Even though some of us were very playful.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Strengths and Weaknesses(grade this one)

Marcel Northcutt 4/30/08

Of Mice and Men: Strengths and Weaknesses

I believe all the characters in this book had strengths and weaknesses. By reading the book you see there is something always holding the characters back from doing something. They wanted to do the right things but they didn’t know how to. These characters would constantly make mistakes. This is how you notice their handicap.

For example, Lennie was a migrant worker who was mentally ill but his upside was that he was very large, and very strong. Then there was his companion George Milton. He was a migrant worker as well. He may have been small in size but he definelty did . Slim, another character that lived on the farm, was the most respected because nobody would come up to him and disrespect him to his face. It might be because he had an anger problem and he could fight. He became a ally to George and Lennie because he understands the situation.

Therefore, you see the good in these people but they just don’t know how to express themselves in the right way. Some of these characters are really crazy. For example, this character named Candy. He lost his hand in a ranch accident and was kept on the pay roll. He’s afraid he will be fired from the job because of his handicap that has been cast upon him. The book shows racial problems as well as handicaps. For example, the character named Crooks. Crooks is a African American who is isolated from the other field hands because of his skin color.

Lastly, this book shows insensitive people like Carlson. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Then there is the troubled marriage couple, Curley and his wife. Curley was a son of a ranch owner who is small, mean, and angry person who pick fights with people that he thinks he can beat. He is extremely jealous of any men who look at his wife. His wife however, thrives on attention. She goes around provoking the field hands into talking to her. She wished in her earlier years to become a big actor or model.

As you can see, most of these characters have many unfounded talents but they haven’t discovered them yet. If they could unlock their abilities, they could do almost anything. But they use the disabilities to take advantage of each other. Take a second to look at your life and think about the strengths and weaknesses that surround you.

Fraternity of Brotherhood

Marcel Northcutt 4/30/08

Fraternity of Brotherhood

I believe, that the men in this book are a brotherhood. Because, they rely on each other for things. Also they live close together. So, it’s almost like being on a college campus. In this group, there are people who some love, while the other show hate. If you notice it is like that almost everywhere. People showing love to someone, someone hating on, that someone.

Someone is this book is compassionate and his name is Slim. Slim cared about George and Lennies situation and took them in. They treated each other like the Adams Family. But that is still showing that they had family values. If any of them had a problem they would try to help them or take advantage of them.

Even though, they took advantage of each other. They would still try their best to prevail together. This is an example of how families work together. Families always try to succeed right or wrong.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Role for Service Learning

My role for service learning would have to be the time keeper. I want to do this because, I believe I could do well. I would make sure we would begin and finish things on time. Also I would want to be a recorder. I would do this because, I would enjoy this very much.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Service Learning

On Thursday, we had a service learning meeting. At this meeting we suggested some beautification needs around the school. For example, a picture wall. This wall would be in the lunched room with everyone's picture on this wall. Also, I suggested that we change the lobby into a gameroom. Here during lunch you could come and have fun with your friends. Thursdays meeting was very productive.